September 11, 2017

Hello! Unsigned Artist of the Week


After being an active musician since 2009 in various constellations ranging from heavy rock to skate-punk and indie-pop, as well as lending vocals to music producers in the electronic music scene from all over the world, Ruben Hultman started his solo-project in 2015 releasing his debut single 'Lionheart', followed up by a 6-track EP release in 2016 titled 'Portraits.

The latest release, 'Happy Face' is a 4-track EP which is influenced more by Ruben's roots in the swedish rock & punk scene, having more raw production and intense vocals. The concept of the EP is basically coming to terms with happiness, but also questioning what happiness means to you. All instruments and vocals are recorded in Rubens bedroom except the drums, which were recorded in Los Angeles by Zack Liljeberg, assisted in the studio by Max Hurrell. The EP has been out since July 7th and is available on all digital platforms.

Stream or Purchase the new EP 'Happy Face' from Spotify or iTunes

Currently, Ruben is working on new songs to have enough material by the end of the year to be able to record his first album. 


In the meantime check out the Ruben's latest video for 'Balloons', from the EP 'Happy Face'.

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